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Carretilla elevadora Hifoune enviada a España por primera vez

  • 2021-12-29
El 29 de diciembre de 2021, cuando se acercaba el día de Año Nuevo, la fábrica de carretillas elevadoras Hifoune marcó el comienzo de un nuevo avance en el mercado. 6 establece hifoune carretillas elevadoras diesel de 2,5 toneladas are ready to go to the Spanish market in Europe.

Recently, orders for hifoune forklifts have been increasing, especially for montacargas diesel . Every employee values and cherishes every order. All Hifoune employees work overtime to produce, insist on working in their respective positions, use hard work and sweat, and use their own practical actions to ensure that the quality and quantity of each order can be delivered in a timely manner. Goods, the smooth shipment of 6 forklifts this time has an inseparable relationship with the hard work of every employee.

The development of new markets and new customers is a practical problem that every company and marketer must face and solve. The effectiveness and quality of new market development are vital to the growth of an enterprise and the personal improvement of marketers. Hifoune will continue to work hard in 2022 to maintain old customers and develop new customers. Finally, I wish you all a Happy New Year in advance!

2.5 ton diesel forklifts

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