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Tips for buying forklift accessories

  • 2023-09-06

1. See whether the part number and specification of the forklift accessories are appropriate: most of the forklift accessories have a part number and technical parameters. For example, when purchasing electrical system parts, you should pay attention to check whether the voltage and power are the same as those of the replaced parts; when purchasing forklift engine drive belt, you should pay attention to the model and length and width.

2. Look at the outer packaging of the trademark logo is complete: excellent forklift parts of the outer packaging of relatively good quality, and clear writing on the box, overprint color is clear. Some important parts, such as generator, starter, hydraulic pump, etc., are also equipped with instruction manuals, certificates of conformity and inspector's stamps to guide users to use the correct maintenance methods. Therefore, they should be carefully recognized when purchasing, in order to prevent buying fake and shoddy forklift parts.

3. Look at the shape and size of forklift fittings with or without deformation: some forklift fittings are prone to deformation due to manufacturers' manufacturing, logistics and transportation, and improper storage. When checking, you can roll the shaft parts along the glass plate for a circle to see whether there is any light leakage to judge whether it is bent or not; when buying and selling forklift clutch disc or forklift friction plate, you can lift the steel plate and friction plate in front of your eyes to observe whether it is warped or not; when buying and selling the forklift oil seals and other seals, the end face of the oil seals with backbone should be positively rounded, and it can be adhered to the plate glass without warping; the outer edge of the oil seals without backbone should be square, and you can hold it in your hand to make the oil seals fit the glass. The outer edge of the oil seal without skeleton should be square, and it should be able to be deformed by holding it with hand and recovered after letting go of it. When purchasing various types of gaskets, attention should also be paid to check the geometric size and shape of the fittings with professional gauges.

4. Look at the combined parts of forklift fittings is flat: forklift fittings in the handling, storage process, or will be due to vibration, bumps, often in the combined parts of the burr, indentation, breakage or cracks to affect the installation of forklift fittings to use. This should be checked when purchasing or inspecting the goods.

5. Look at the surface of forklift fittings with or without corrosion: the surface of qualified fittings, both a certain degree of precision and clanking finish, the more important spare parts, the higher the precision, and the packaging of rust and corrosion the more stringent. Selection or inspection should pay attention to the inspection, if you find that the accessories have corrosion spots, mold spots, cracked rubber parts, loss of elasticity, or the surface of the journal has a clear cutter lines, should be exchanged for processing.

6. See whether the rotating parts are flexible: when purchasing forklift oil pumps and other rotating parts assembly, rotate the pump shaft by hand, you should feel flexible and no stagnation; when purchasing needle bearings, one hand to support the inner ring of the bearings, and the other hand to rotate the outer ring, the outer ring should be able to rotate quickly and freely, and then gradually stop. If the rotating parts do not rotate well, it means that the internal corrosion or the shape has been deformed, which will affect the use of the product, it should be returned or exchanged.

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